Time to dust off the ol’ clubs and smack some balls. Let me know what your availability is for this coming April through to August. Please answer the following:

#1: Would you like to go weekly, bi-weekly, once a month, or maybe just once or twice during the summer?

#2: Would you prefer 9 holes or 18? Did the format of having 4 “Majors” work? Any suggestions for courses you like / not like to play? Duncan Meadows? Cordova Bay?

We heard there might be some Pirates who might be interested in joining in as well, so please forward this e-mail to anyone who might want to get involved.

Informally, I’ll probably get out the range a few times in April to practice, so let me know if you’re keen to do so or want to play a few 9 holes at Highlands Pacific. They have a discount deal on for $179 so check out their website.

Anyone interested in playing golf this summer, please let me know as we organize a few monthly 9 hole and 18 hole games. My e-mail is laponch@gmail.com. ~Andrew MacKinnon

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